Events Planning Committee

Leader: Natalie Murray,

The events planning committee is in charge of preparing and coordinating the logistics of all of the events that SWiP hosts throughout the year.  Join if you would like a say in these events and would like to help out.  Email Natalie for more details.

Diversity Committee

Leader: Andrea Welsh,

The diversity committee studies and promotes diversity within the physics department here at Tech and throughout the College of Sciences.  Join if you would like to help our department be more inclusive.  Email Andrea for more details.

Outreach Committee

Leader: Juliet Dong,

The outreach committee focuses on spreading the word about our organization and sharing the wonderful world of Physics with everyone.  Join if you would like to serve as an ambassador for Women in Physics.  Email Juliet for more details.

Arts Committee

Leader: Krishma Singal,

The arts committee has been tasked with designing and constructing a mural to decorate our Physics building.  Join if you would like to help celebrate the diversity of Physics through artistic expression.  Email Krishma for more details.