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Officers of GT SWiP

Hi y’all, we are the officers of GT SWIP and members of the physics community at Georgia Tech. Please feel free to mail us beep us if you wanna reach us at gtswip [at] gmail [dot] com.

Krishma Singal, President
Year: 2nd Year Graduate
Email: ksingal3@gatech.edu
Interests: Music, Physics, and Animals
Hobbies: Reading, henna, and arts and crafts
Patrycja Kotowska, Vice President
Year: 4th Year Undergraduate
Email: pkotowska3@gatech.edu
Physics Interest: Biophysics
Hobbies: Playing violin, running, volunteering, watching soccer

Picture Coming Soon!

Lauren Prinn, Treasurer
Interests: Coming soon!
Year: 2nd Year Undergraduate
Email: lprinn3@gatech.edu
Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie, Secretary
Year: 5th Year Undergraduate
Email: msam7@gatech.edu
Interests: Astrophysics (cosmology), mathematics, science fiction
Hobbies: Rock climbing, running, video games
Zoha Naqawe, Events and Outreach
Year: 3rd Year Undergraduate
Email: znaqawe3@gatech.edu
Interests: Physics and Biology
Kathryn (or Ryn) Mykyten, Events and Outreach
Year: 2nd Year Undergraduate
Email: kmykyten3@gatech.edu
Interests: Physics and Neuroscience, science as a whole and learning in general
Hobbies: Ballet, Cosplay, Reading
Yoko Sarah Nakama, Webmaster/Historian
Year: 3rd Year Undergraduate
Email: ysnw3@gatech.edu
Interests: Physics and Geophysics
Hobbies: Music, Dancing, and Chilling by a beach
Deidre Shoemaker Deirdre Shoemaker, Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor
Email: deirdre.shoemaker [at] physics.gatech.edu
Phone: (404) 385-3908
Building: Boggs Building
Office: 1-63

Women of the GT School of Physics

Female Faculty:

Claire Berger Claire Berger
Research Scientist
Email: claire.berger [at] physics.gatech.edu
Phone: (404) 385-1685
Building: Howey
Office: W204
Tamara Bogdanovic Tamara Bogdanovic
Assistant Professor
Email: tamarab [at] gatech.edu
Phone: 404-385-0113
Building: Boggs
Office: 1-62
 Cadonati6_0 Laura Cadonati
Associate Professor
Email: cadonati [at] physics.gatech.edu
Building: Boggs
Office: 1-65
jecurtis SoP for WIP site Jennifer E. Curtis
Associate Professor
Biological Physics
Email: jennifer.curtis [at] physics.gatech.edu
Phone: (404) 894-8839
Building: Molecular Science & Engineering
Office: G024

Female Post Doctoral Fellows:

 aykutalp Aycin Aykutalp
Email: aycin.aykutalp[at]physics.gatech.edu
Ph.D Astrophysics
Office: Boggs 1-66
 Daria Daria Monaenkova
CUWiP 2016 Organizing Committee Member
Postdoctoral Fellow
Bioinspired materials, Biophysical Concepts and Animal Behavior
Email: dmonaen [at] physics.gatech.edu
Building: Howey
Lab: W01
Anna Pavlova
PhD, Computational Chemistry
Email: anna.pavlova [at] physics.gatech.edu
office: W207 Howey Physics Building

 Female Graduate Students:

Michelle Alderman
Ultra-fast Optics
Building: Howey
ealicea_4 Emily Alicea-Muñoz
Physics Education
Email: ealicea@gatech.edu
Building: Howey
Office: W-205
dchen Diandian (Diana) Chen 
CUWiP 2016 Organizing Committee Member
Activities Committee Member
Biophysics/Nonlinear Dynamics
Email: dchen87 [at] gatech.edu
Building: Howey Building
Office: N208
 1484175_10200864017862807_1783839643_n Tara Cunningham
Email: tcunningham8@gatech.edu
Building: Howey Building
Office: N208
 2017-10-12 Elizabeth Grace
Email: esgrace@gatech.edu
cji Yanyan (Claire) Ji 
Biophysics/Nonlinear Dynamics
Email: yji47 [at] gatech.edu
Building: Howey Building
Office: N208
Yu-Hui Lin
Anna Miettinen
Building: Howey Building
 13316993_1078331288893745_5104210082682276235_o Nathaniel Moore, 
Email: natemo13@gatech.edu
 20140906_222155_cropped Meredith Nevius
Condensed Matter, Graphene
Email: mswegan8 [at] gatech.edu
Building: Howey Building
Office: S07
 perrin Perrin Schiebel
Biophysics, limbless locomotion on sand
Email: pschiebel3 [at] gatech.edu
Building: Howey Building
Office: W01
Kimberly Short
Building: Howey Building
Lu Xi
 2015-03-26 16.08.06 Krishma Singal, 
Email: ksingal3@gatech.edu
 photo-3 Jing Wang

Computational physics, Condensed matter
awelsh Andrea Welsh
CUWiP 2016 Organizing Committee Chair
Activities Committee Member
Biophysics/Nonlinear Dynamics
Email: awelsh8@gatech.edu
Building: Howey Building
Office: N208

Female Undergraduate Students:

Juliet Dong
4th year Undergraduate Student
Email: jdong42@gatech.edu
Patrycja Kotowska
Medical Physics
3nd year Undergraduate Student
Email: pkotowska3@gatech.edu
Robin Glefke
Madeline Lazar
4rd year
MAM Mathilda Avirrett Mackenzie
4rd year
2015-03-26 16.07.04 Natalie Murray
Events Planning Committee
4th year Undergraduate Student
Email: nmurray30@gatech.edu
10483967_10202446693807215_4206558356099722295_o Kate Napier, President
5th year Undergraduate Student
Email: knapier3@gatech.edu


Alumnae and Past Women:

Rachel Barker
Zixin “Wendy” Jiang
Caitlin Baker
Lorena Magaña Zertuche
Katie Koskey
Ya-Wen Chang
Yike Hu
Roseanne Cheng

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